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Lots of people have the great idea of starting up a business, but many just don't have a clue what to do - or they have just too many ideas and cannot settle on one. Okay let's look at this logically - let's assume you are wanting to set up your own business - but just need some inspiration of what to do...where do you start?

Firstly if you have some experience of working for somebody else - whatever it was - you may have some skills that you can use in setting up a new business in exactly the same field as you have previously worked. If you were good in that job then you have a good chance of setting up a successful business with you in charge of it all.

So that's relatively easy - using your experience in setting up a new business in a field you already know something about. But what about doing something that is completely new to you?

Firstly if you've never done anything then it might be a good idea to get some experience first, instead of making loads of mistakes with your own resources (time and money)...there is no harm in getting a job.

Okay but what if you want to take the plunge but you just don't know what?

Well firstly there are over 6000 business plans - in effect 6000 business ideas...simply go through the A2Z listings and pick out a few businesses that might appeal to you...then do some research.

We have over 6000 business plans listed in our easy to find listings from 24 hour and DVD and Video Hire to Zumba Tuition.


Do you need any specialist skills to do the job - obviously you cannot just be a Doctor because you fancy being a Doctor...that takes years of studying. Most businesses need some kind of cannot just become a web designer for example even though there aren't any recognised qualifications as such - usually it will just be your portfolio of work. Being a photographer for example - we can all take a picture, but can we take good pictures on a regular basis?

Another thing to think about with your business idea is how much it is going to cost you to set up in the first place?

If you haven't got much money then businesses where you require expensive equipment or lots of stock and or premises are pretty much non-starters as business ideas. Even if you have a rock solid business plan to back your business up it is likely that your investors will also like you to have some money invested in the company you are setting up - that way you have something to lose - if you have nothing to lose you just won't care about your business as much and therefore won't work as hard or as well.

Once you have your idea - you need to think is it going to be mainly an online business / offline or both?

For some businesses it will be obvious that you have to do it one way or the other.

Some businesses you may start off one way and end up doing both when you have got yourself in effect you are tapping into a new market by going online or setting up a bricks and mortar business if you were purely online before. All of these decisions should be in your business plan. There should be triggers that you reach when you do certain things.

So in short if you are stuck for a business idea then look at what experience you have got, what things are you interested in, otherwise look through this website and see what floats your boat...remember you have over 6000 business to choose from - there must be something of interest to you.

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