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Business Plan Template

Here are the basic headings you will generally require when writing a business plan...with some free advice along the way to help fill in the bits inbetween.

Business Plan Title

Executive Summary

Business Objectives

Business Mission

Keys to Success

Company Summary

Company Ownership

Location(s) and facilities

Start-up Summary for your Business

Business Start-Up Costs

Business Investment

Business Services

  • What kind of services are you going to provide

Service Description

Future Services

Business Products

Product description

Future Products

Business Market Analysis Summary

Business Market Segmentation

Target Market Segment Strategy

Business Market Trends

Service Business Analysis

Business Competition

Buying Patterns

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Business Marketing Strategy

Business Pricing Strategy

Business Promotion Strategy

Business Competitive Edge

Web Strategy

Sales Strategy

Management Summary

Management Team

Business Organizational Structure

Business Personnel Plan

Business Financial Plan

Business Break Even Analysis

Business Profit and Loss

Business Cash Flow


Exit Strategy

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