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Coupon Advertising

Whether you run a website or not, a good way of advertising your business and increasing your sales at the same time is by offering coupons.

If you have a physical shop then you can post out leaflets for potential customers to cut out and give to you at the point of sale. Also at the point of sale you can give customers more vouchers for when they shop again - make the coupon last for only a week in order for the customer to get money off or extra service.

If you run an online website then your website must be able to issue coupons - one method is to use woocommerce and wordpress. This has coupon functionality...for example using code "coupon10" at checkout you will get 10% off all none-sales goods at checkout at funky kitsch. Try it and see - you don't have to purchase anything to see how it works. By combining this with a newsletter you can also make specific offers relating to certain products, or you can just use it as an excuse to send something out to your sign ups. Just remind them that your website is still there and you are still in business.

coupon advertising

If you are selling products online one of the toughest things to do is build up visitors to your website that are interested in your products. It's difficult because the fact remains there is so much competition within the natural and paid for searches. By selling on Ebay and Amazon and taking a cut on your profits - if you use these sites just as a pure marketing tool to drive customers to your website. You do this by adding a leaflet / coupon to the order. Give them a reason for coming to the site such as a discount - by making the products the same price or slightly cheaper than your Ebay/Amazon offering they are more likely to purchase from your website in future which should mean bigger profits in future as you shouldn't have seller fees on your own website like Amazon and Ebay - that 10% is effectively part of your profit.

Another method of using coupons is by listing your coupons on website which take coupons. If you simply do a search for "coupon websites" you will find a lot of free websites that you can register with and add your coupon code - if you create distinctive coupon codes this will also tell you when somebody orders where they came from - that way you can monitor if you have been successful or not.

As you can imagine and especially in today's climate people are constantly looking for a bargain - they are typing in searches such as "gift coupons", "toy coupons", "20% off coupons". They are doing all manner of searches for coupons - by creating images that go hand in hand with these searches you can also appear in the image searches of various search engines which will then obviously lead them back to your website. Obviously therefore if you create new images that are called after these searches - e.g. "gift-coupons.jpg" you stand a greater chance of being found for free.

The other element to coupons; is that people feel good about getting money off - it's a pure psychological feeling - everyone feels good about themselves saving money on an item that they would of bought anyway without the money off.

Another possible effect is you can create a viral - people can spread the word on their related blogs - telling more people that they can get money off if they use such a coupon code at your website.

If you want sales promptly you can give your coupon an expiry date - give them until the end of the week or the coupon expires. You can also offer free shipping on orders over a set amount if they use a coupon.

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