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Tilapia Fish Farm Executive Summary Example

<Company Name> Tilapia Fish Farm is a start-up fish farm.

Tilapia is a hardy fish which unusually doesn't taste fishy. Many people are put off by fishy smells – with Tilapia you dont get this problem. Although chefs accuse it of being a tasteless fish, many people actually find this an attraction; as well as it being quite an inexpensive fish. Because of their large size, rapid growth, palatability and a great source for protein Tilapia are a great choice to farm.

The demand for Organic Fish is rapidly increasing, while the supply is very short. The increase in World demand is estimated at 0.5 - 3.0% per year. Consumer concern about food safety and health is making Tilapia a well sought after fish as it is fed natural organic products – it is also a herbivorous fish, so there are no worries about Tilapia fish eating other fish.

<Company Name> Tilapia Fish Farm will produce fish re-stocking and for table fish. We will have a farm shop which will be open to the public.

<Company Name> Tilapia Fish Farm will use a RAS recirculating aquaculture system to produce the fish which has many advantages over other production systems – two of them being reduced labor costs and reduced water needs.

<Company Name> Tilapia Fish Farm never uses growth stimulants or antibiotics by products in our organic feed. Our fish are fed only wholesome organic feeds and live in clean, filtered fresh water.

<Company Name> Tilapia Fish Farm will be fully licensed by the proper authorities. In granting a license, they are required to be satisfied that the applicant is a suitable person to hold a license and that the accommodation in which the fish will be held is secure and suitable, in relation to construction, size, temperature, drainage, cleanliness and the number of fish to be kept.

Its also extremely important that the fish cannot get into the local population as they may not be indigenous to the local fish population – this would potentially be a disaster to the local eco-system.

The fish must also be supplied with adequate and suitable food. Licenses are issued on a yearly basis; fish farmers must have their facilities and husbandry competence checked annually by a qualified vet.

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