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Bingo Executive Summary Example

<Company Name> Bingo is a family run Bingo hall by the husband and wife team of <John Smith> and <Jane Smith>.

Bingo is a game played with randomly drawn numbers which players match against numbers that have been pre-printed on a grid. They may be printed on paper, card stock or electronically represented and are referred to as "cards." There are many versions of the game and it is up to the hosts to decide what the rules are. Versions include certain patterns to be achieved, such as lines and corners etc. The winner is usually required to call out the word "Bingo!", or by digital means which alerts the other players and caller of a possible "win". All wins are checked for accuracy before the win is officially confirmed at which time the prize is secured and a new game is begun. In this version of bingo, players compete against one another for the prize or "jackpot".

Alternative methods of play try to increase participation by creating excitement. Since its invention in 1934, modern bingo has evolved into multiple variations, with each jurisdiction's gambling laws regulating how the game is played. There are also nearly unlimited patterns that may be specified for play. Some patterns only require one number to be matched, up to cover-all games which award the jackpot for covering an entire card and certain games award prizes to players for matching no numbers or achieving no pattern.

<Company Name> Bingo will be providing a computerised system where the numbers “pop” out of a computer when called for. This method is quicker allowing winning cards to be checked against an identity number on the players’ card.

<Company Name> Bingo will be one of the best places to go where you can have a drink, a bite to eat and also win prize money so you can leave with more money than you came with!

<Company Name> Bingo will offer you a safe, secure and friendly environment, which is either a great place to bring your friends or meet new people.

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