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Air Brush Tattoos Executive Summary Example

<Company Name> will provide top-quality airbrush tattoos in the locale of <location>.

<John Smith>, the owner of <Company Name> believes that Airbrush tattoos is an emerging marketing. It is the sixth fastest growing business in North America. Currently only 1 in 10 people know what an airbrush tattoo is. Other than normal tattoo parlors, in the vicinity there appears to be no other competition for this service in our area which has a population of <population> and <summer_population> in the summer season. We believe we can deliver this product in a professional and timely manner.

Normal tattoos are expensive, painful, and worse, they are permanent. What you want at 17 isn't necessarily what you want at 35, 50 or 75. In fact, the accent (body art or TAT) that a person wants at the beach isn't necessarily the one that she wants at work, in a business meeting, at a sporting or social event, while shopping, at a dance or out to dinner.

The great advantages of spray tattoos are they are non-permanent (last up to two weeks), quick to apply, relatively inexpensive and they look cool!

Tats offer men, women and children the best possible method of self-expression without the pain and permanence of a real tattoo. This fact, together with affordability and easy, fast application make, TAT's one of the hottest trends today. We believe that TAT's will become a multi-billion dollar industry and that's why we are in this business. We believe we should be a part of it.

<Company Name> will offer you a safe, secure and friendly environment.

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