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Free Business Logos

There are lots of places you can get free business logos on the internet. Most of the time though these services are usually with some kind of payment required in order to get the original files. Here we are going to provide you with the original file and show you how to edit it as well.

So first of all download the PSD file.

Once you've downloaded the file - double click on it and open it up in your photo editor such as Photoshop or any editor which can deal with PSD files.

You can change the text of "Your Company Name" to anything you want by - scrolling down the layers and selecting that layer, click on the Text tool, then click within that text. Delete the text and change it to what you want - you can alter the font, size and color to suit you. A very important aspect of your business image are the fonts you choose for your business - sometimes a logo can include letters written using a particular font so make sure you read an interview we had with Ray Larabie who is a professional typographer by trade, who over the years has created hundreds of fonts some of which we are giving away for free on this very site.

We would recommend you read the article on choosing a new business name before you create your logo.

To change the color of the image - first just choose the image that you like and select that layer.

Double click the orange box in the layers palette and simply click on the color you want - you can turn web only web colors off by clicking the box.

This image is on a transparent background - to keep a decent quality you can save the file as a PNG file. By saving it as a PNG file you will also be able to keep the transparent backround. The image provided is 500 x 500 pixels - you will probably want to reduce it down to the size you need as well before saving it. Make sure you don't accidentally write over the original file and lose it...although you can easily download the original file again.

So there you have it a simple way of creating a very simple looking logo - or you could just use it as an image anywhere on your website. Alternatively you could use these techniques in order to create your own leaflet. Don't forget to check out the article on standard web banner sizes which also includes some free banners for you to download which you can use for your website.

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