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Future Services

Whether you are providing products and services or just services it's extremely important to think about the future of your business. It's highly unlikely your business will be the same business that it started out as in "X" years time. Some businesses will have to completely change in order to stay alive. Also if you want to increase your turnover and or profits add more services to your portfolio can enhance your business no end.

When you first start your business you might not be in a position to obtain all the equipment to provide certain services...but you know once you have the cash flow you are going to add these future services. For example you might shoot weddings but not have the ability or the time to edit them and instead you outsource them. Rather than paying somebody else to do it for you in future if you do it within your business it's likely that you will increase your profits as usually paying someone else to do something for you is usually more expensive from a monetary point of view. This isn't always the case some companies are so massive that they can do things much cheaper than you...until you become massive yourself sometimes it pays to outsource work.

Sometimes future service aren't about being able to afford them in the future; it can be about re-branding your service. It maybe that you didn't really advertise a service you offered before very well and by giving something a change of name and bringing it to the forefront can give the awareness to your potential customers that was needed.

Future services may just materialize in front of you - if something suddenly trends and you can provide the service - quite simply you just get on with it - make hay while the sunshines. These kind of services are difficult to come across you need a good dose of luck.

Many businesses don't make time to think of new ideas. Sometimes creativity can hit you over the head with a big shovel, but if you can get together with fellow directors, co-workers it's possible to use the collective thinking power to come up with new novel services which can bring in big money. Google is an excellent example of how they let their staff have creative thinking time in order to come up with new ideas. Also their offices are laid out in such a way that it leads to creative thinking and hence in the long run usually more good ideas and hence more profits for the company.

Sometimes you might want to offer a free service in order to increase the likelihood of more sales. For example maybe you have a small clothes store but you don't have the room to have a trying on cubicle. Maybe in future you can add one...the cost in loss of product space might outweigh what you get back in more sales.


If your business keeps doing the same thing then eventually someone else will offer the same service at a cheaper price or a higher quality service for the same price and then you can kiss goodbye to the business. It's really important to keep evolving.

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