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Mobile Marketing

When we talk about mobile marketing - we aren't talking about selling handsets - nope - we're taking about people buying your stuff through a mobile phone rather than on a desktop PC or tablet device.

According to an article written on on the 20th May 2013 they estimate that 15% of all US online retail sales in 2013 will be made on a mobile device, an increase from 11% in 2012.

Apparently those projections correspond with an April 2013 survey of US mobile internet users conducted by AYTM Market research (Ask Your Target Market).

The big trouble with this survey when you really look into the figures...

  • Firstly only 200 people were surveyed which is clearly a small sample.
  • 61.5% were women which doesn't reflect the population of the is much closer to 50%.
  • 63.5% of the people taking the survey were of the age 18-44.
  • 2.4% were hispanic/latino when in reality it is more like 16%.
  • 40% were employed and 25% unemployed - now that is a high figure for unemployment.

Also the survey didn't indicate if these people had made a purchase for a phone app or a big ticket item like a smart TV.

The point of this is you must take these kind of figures with a pinch of salt - that's why it is vital that you do your own split testing on your own website rather than relying on dubious data.

Remember there are "lies, damned lies, and statistics".

Obviously getting good data to base what products you sell and how you are going to market them is key for your business success.

A popular method of marketing is obviously Google Adwords - they are currently making sure everyone is moved over to enhanced campaigns by the end of July 2013. They are really keen on you plowing your money into serving ads on mobile devices - we're just saying before you make that leap of faith to make sure you have a really good look at what you are putting your hard earned marketing money into - for sure it could pay off big time. But a lot of companies have mixed results with their PPC campaigns.

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