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Service Business Analysis

The service business analysis should fundamentally be about how your company is going to be run on a day to day business.

By doing a service business analysis on a periodic basis you may realise that you have been doing something in an incorrect manner.

You may find that you need more staff members to do a job in order to make your company run smoother. It could be that you have too many staff and you are under-using them. It may highlight that you need part-time workers for some critical jobs at special times in the day.

By analysing how the company is run on a day to day business you can work out what funds you require to make one blue widget or service one blue widget on average. This can help you assist you in working out the price you will need to charge in order to get the profit you want / need.

A good way to carry out this is for groups to observe people carrying out the procedure - you may be able to spot improvements that you can carry out - it could also be some employers doing tasks better than others and they can pass on their good techniques.

It's a good idea in this age to video the process - you can use this in future as a training exercise video or even as a marketing tool for your company if done correctly - although don't get distracted from doing a proper analysis of the way your business runs - if it does then just focus on getting the critical information you are after.

It's important to also report to all the workforce concerned improvements that can be made or bad practices that need to be stamped out of practice.

Think of all the law-suits which could of been avoided if only the upper management had bothered to tell the staff at the bottom of the pyramid.

So although an analysis of your company might seem like a chore that gets in the way of proper business it could save you time by making you more efficient and it could save you loss of product or increased product production. It could improve business morale if someone in your organiztion had already spotted the problems but was too shy to point out the errors of your ways. It could save lives by making a process safer; so clearly a service business analysis is definitely worth doing.


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