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Writing a Service Description

There are several factors that you must consider when writing a good service description for the services you are going to provide.

Lets take a look...

Your target market

Firstly who are the likely groups of people purchasing your services and what are they looking for in the service you are going to provide.

You need to know what your target market likes you to provide - whether it is speed, good service, or a good price. Obviously if you can tick all the boxes so much the better.

Benefits of the Service

You need to list the benefits of the service - usually the most beneficial at the top going down. You need to grab a persons attention straight away - if the first thing on the list is something mundane - they will probably just end up laughing at what you have to offer after the first bullet point and not bother reading the rest - on the other hand if the first thing you offer is a WOW factor then everything else just adds to it making you a guaranteed sale.

Lifespan of the Service

If the service is food then obviously it will be gone as soon as they've eaten it - although of course you can describe future benefits if they are a health food or you can explain how amazingly tasty the food is. If a person is buying car and you can provide 5 years of free parts, services etc in with the deal then this level of service can ease a persons mind knowing that they are going to have a solid product with great after care service.

Length of Copy

If you are using a content managed system (CMS) you may find that you can only put a certain amount of characters in the title field or the service description. So make sure you know of any limitations before wasting time on creating well crafted copy.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a phrase bandied around a lot these days - if your services are being offered online - then it's important to include key phrases which can be picked up by the search engines. By creating unique copy for your services they will more likely to be found in the search engines compared to a competing company trying to sell the same service. It can be worth using the google keyword tool to assist you in using the right keywords for your services - you need to keep in mind what people are searching for and the amount of competition for those keyphrases, ideally you want to find keyphrases that a lot of people are searching for with low competition. We would lean towards lower competition keyphrases rather than numbers if you are a new site. Remember it is unique copy that is so important these days. If you are buying a service which is sold by lots of companies then you need to make sure you don't just copy the text you are given and put that up - you need to modify it and add to it in the manner we've already explained.

Write the copy

Once you've established what you need to put into your copy it's simply a matter of getting it done. Write your copy incorporating the 5 ideas above and tie them all together with some compelling language. Make sure you spell check everything before you send it to print or make it live.


Re-examine what you've done and make alterations or additions. If your service isn't selling, then try to figure out the reasons why - it's possible you've focused on the wrong benefits of the service you're trying to sell - change the emphasis and try again. Keep testing.

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