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Roulette 6 Corners Tutorial

You will need to download the accompyaning 6 corners spreadsheet with this tutorial. Download now.

It will look like this....

Okay let's go through this spreadsheet in a bit more detail...

We are assuming that 1 chip = $0.1... you could increase this if you wish but that would obviously mean you would need to adjust your bet sizes.

bet number - this is how many bets you are placing or spins of the wheel. So D3, "bet number 3" means you are placing your 3rd bet which means you lost the 2 previous spins.

bet size - this is how many chips you are risking - so D4, "bet size is $5.4".

cumulative bets - this is howm uch money you have lost so far before the last winning bet you had plus the current bet. So D5 = $5.4+$1.8+$0.6=£7.8

winnings - assuming this spin wins - this is how much money you will get back...notice it is always $0.3 more than the cumulative bet.

cumulative profit - if you have a winning spin you will always make $0.3 assuming your starting chip stake was $0.1...if your starting chip stake was $1 then your profit for every winning spin would be $3.

chance of losing on each spin - as you are covering the same amount of numbers each time - the chance of losing is always the same - namely 13/37.

chance of losing after x(1-8) bets from 0 to 1 - basically this is a number between 0-1. The closer the number is to 1 means there is more a chance of this happening and therefore the closer the number this is to zero (0) the less chance of this outcome happening. As you can see the chance of you losing all 8 spins in a row is 0.000232...which is pretty close to zero - BUT remember it isn't actually zero...and no roulette system in the world unless it is rigged will guarantee that you make money.

chance of losing after x(1-8) bets from 0 to 1 - instead of a number between 0 and 1 i've just expressed the chance of losing after so many spinsd as a you have an 0.023224% chance of losing all 8 spins therefore you have a chance 99.976776% chance of winning using this system.

Spin 1

The table will look like this for your first spin...your outlay is 6 units or $0.6 in the below case.

Spin 2

If the first spin loses then you multiply your bets by 3 - this is simple to do as you just +Re-Bet the same bet 3 times. Your outlay is 18 chips or $1.8 in the below case.

Further spins

and so simply keep trebling your bet sizes - the spreadsheet shows it up to 8 spins where you would be outlaying $1312.2 on the 8th spin. The problem on the tables shown is this would be over the maximum bet you are only allowed to bet $25 per number - or $100 for a corner number - therefore a maximum bets size on 6 corners would be $600.