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Creating Good Page Content

Good page content means different things to different people / things. What we are getting at here is the content that you need to write for the search engine spiders / bots.

We have compiled a short list of on-page properties that we think you should adhere too:

  • Web page copy - the number of words on a web page should be above 300. This can obviously be tricky to increase if you have a product where the picture tells all the words - if you are selling a stuffed cat for example - you can say what colour it is, the quality of the stiching, where it was made, if it was hand-made, so you can give the basics but that won't get you to 300+ words. What you should then do possibly is tell a little story about the cat - how it has travelled the world - make up a little anecdote to draw your readers in...obviously for this scenario they will see it clearly as a ficticious's not like you are lying about your product as the lie is so obvious - clearly you cannot lie about products such as skin care products - if they aren't guaranteed to do something then you shouldn't make false claims.
  • Within your meta description make sure you add the keywords, as well as something enticing that will make someone click the link in order to get to your page in the first place - sometimes these meta descriptions can really get messed up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). These descriptions can be really important for your click-through rate and ultimately your sales.
  • Adding images to a page is really useful in order to break up the text - not only that - if you use ALT tags for your image and proper image names for your image (e.g. black-plush-cat.jpg as opposed to 112332323.jpg).
  • Try to use short sentences in your copy and use simple language - don't try and bamboozle your reader.
  • Try to use around 40 characters for your title - again keep it focused on your product for that page.
  • Add outbound links that are appropriate to the topic.
  • Use subheading tags (like H2) in the copy. This helps break up your copy as well.
  • Try adding the keyword / phrase in the URL.
  • Try to use the keyword in your copy - around 1-2%.
  • Make sure the keyword / phrase is at the beginning which is considered to improve SERP rankings.
  • Try to create original copy for your entire site as well as using original copy compared to other peoples site. If you are selling products that other websites sell then you are competing with them - try altering the copy to make you stand out. Use synonyms to alter your copy while keeping the overall message the same.

So there you have it - if you can tick all of these boxes then you are well on your to creating good content which your readers are going to enjoy as well as keeping the search engine spiders happy.

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