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Sample Business Proposals

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Machine Rental
Machine Shop
Machine Tool Shop
Machine Tooling
Machinery Erector Service
Machinery Mover Service
Machinery Parts and Supply Company
Magazine Article Writer
Magazine Dealer
Magazine Distributor
Magazine Publisher
Maggot Farm
Maggot Farming
Magic Shop
Magnetic Device Store
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Service
Maid and Butler Cleaner
Maid Service
Mail and Shipping Center
Mail Catalog Shopping Service
Mail Order
Mail Order Pharmacy Prescription
Mail Order Returns
Mail Order Shopping Service
Mailbox Forwarding Service
Mailbox Receiving Service
Mailbox Rental Service
Mailing and Shipping Store
Mailing List Provider Service
Mailing List Service
Mailing Machines and Equipment Service
Mailing Machines Sales and Service
Maintenance Contractor
Maize Maze
Make Up
Make Up Artist
Make Up Artist Cosmetic
Make-up Artist
Make-up Studio
Male Grooming Salon
Mall Department Store
Mall Retail
Mall Store
Malla Yuddha Martial Arts School
Mammogram Service
Managed Business Continuity Service
Managed Firewall Service
Managed Integrated Access Service
Managed Intrusion Detection Service
Managed IP-PBX Application Service
Managed Remote Access Service
Managed Router Service
Managed Server Service
Managed Service Provider
Managed Service Software Provider
Managed Video as a Service
Managed Videoconferencing Service
Managed Voice Access Service
Managed Voice Network Service
Managed Voice Security Service
Managed VPN IP-VPN Service
Managed Wireless LAN Service
Management Consultant
Management Consulting
Management Seminar
Management Software
Management Training
Manicure Service
Mantel Service
Manual Metal Arc Welding
Manufactured Home Community
Manufactured Home Company
Manufactured Housing
Manufacturer's Agent
Manufacturer's Distributor
Manufacturer's Representative
Map Designer
Map Distributor
Map Publisher
Maquiladora Company
Marble Cleaning Service
Margarita Machine Frozen Drink Rental Service
Margarita Machine Rental Service
Marine Repair Service
Marionettes Shop
Market Research
Market Researcher
Market Stall Trader
Market Store
Marketing Analysis Service
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Consulting
Marketing Firm
Marketing Program Service
Marketing Research Service
Marketing Services
Marquee Hire
Marriage Agency
Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counselling
Marriage Counselor
Martial Arts
Martial Arts Instruction
Martial Arts School
Martial Arts School Bartitsu
Martial Arts Supply and Equipment Store
Mason Contractor
Mass Transit Service
Massage Center
Massage Equipment and Supply Store
Massage Parlor
Massage Practitioner
Massage Products Store
Massage Salon
Massage School
Massage Spa
Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy School
Mastectomy Form and Apparel Store
Master Managed Service Provider
Mat and Pad Service
Matchmaking Service
Material Handling Equipment Company
Maternity Boutique Store
Maternity Clinic
Maternity Clothing
Maternity Clothing Retail
Maternity Clothing Shop
Maternity Clothing Store
Maternity Store
Maternity Store Internet Online
Maternity Wear
Mattress Store
Mature Womens Clothing Retail
Mature Womens Clothing Shop
Mature Womens Clothing Store
Mausoleum Service
MCMAP Martial Arts School
Measuring Instrument Company
Meat Market
Meat Processing Company
Meat Wholesaler
Mechanical Contractor
Mechanical Engineer
Medallion Store
Mediation Service
Medical Alarm Service
Medical Assistant School
Medical Billing and Coding School
Medical Billing Review Service
Medical Billing Service
Medical Business Administration Service
Medical Center
Medical Centre
Medical Claims Assistance Service
Medical Claims Processing Service
Medical Clinic
Medical Development Company
Medical Emergency Clinic
Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment Management Service
Medical Equipment Repair Service
Medical Equipment Service
Medical Examination Insurance Company
Medical Gas Cylinder and Bulk Service
Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging Service
Medical Information Research Service
Medical Insurance Company
Medical Laboratory
Medical Office Real Estate
Medical Practice
Medical Record Software Company
Medical Record Transcription Service
Medical Records Service
Medical Research Company
Medical Sonography Clinic
Medical Staffing
Medical Supply
Medical Supply Service
Medical Technician School
Medical Translation Service
Medical Ultrasound Service
Medical Uniform Store
Medical Waste Disposal Service
Medical X-Ray Center
Medicare Managed Network
Medicinal Herb Farm
Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant
Mediterranean Food Restaurant
Mediterranean Restaurant
Medium Service
Meeting Planner
Member Service Provider
Memorial Mason
Memorial Park Service
Memorial Service
Mens Apparel
Mens Clothing Retail
Mens Clothing Shop
Mens Clothing Store
Men's Clothing Store
Men's Club
Mens Fashion Retailer
Men's Hair Salon
Mens Salon
Mens Shoes Retail
Mens Shoes Shop
Mens Shoes Store
Men's Store Clothes
Mental Health Counselor
Mental Health Treatment Center
Mental Healthcare Facility
Mental Retardation Home
Mental Retardation Services Company
Merchandise Broker
Merchandise Warehouse
Merchandising Service
Merchant Account Provider
Merchant Card Processing Service
Merger Legal Services
Message Board
Messenger Service
Metal Buffing and Polishing Service
Metal Building Company
Metal Detecting Equipment Service
Metal Distributor
Metal Fabricator
Metal Inert Gas Welding
Metal Recycling Center
Metal Refiner
Metal Sawing and Cut Off Service
Metal Stamping
Metal Tank Company
Metal Working
Methodist Church
Mexican Bakery
Mexican Bread "Panaderia" Bakery
Mexican Food Importer
Mexican Food Restaurant
Mexican Food Store
Mexican Grill Restaurant
Mexican Importer
Mexican Restaurant
Micro Brewery
Micro Garden Designer
Microbrewery Bar and Grill
Microdermabrasion Clinic
Microfilming and Imaging Service
Microfilming Equipment Sales and Service
Micropigmentation Clinic
Microscope Service
Microwave Communications Service
Microwave Oven Shop
Microwave Repair Service
Middle Eastern Food Retail
Middle Eastern Food Retailer
Middle Eastern Food Shop
Middle Eastern Food Store
Mildew Removal Service
Military Surplus Store
Milk Round
Millwork Company
Millwright Service
Mimeograph Equipment Sales and Service
Mineral Store
Mini Blind Store
Mini Blinds Service
Mini Catalog Mailing Service
Mini Storage Facility
Mini Storage Warehouse
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf Coarse
Miniature Golf Course
Miniature Item Collector Store
Mining Consulting Company
Mining Equipment and Supply Store
Minnow Farm
Mirror Store
MLM Cleaning Products
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Auto Repair Service
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Car Wash
Mobile Catering
Mobile Cocktail Bar
Mobile Coffee Cart
Mobile Commercial Unit Company
Mobile Crane Company
Mobile Device Forensics Service
Mobile Disco
Mobile DJ
Mobile Dog Washing Service
Mobile Food
Mobile Grocer
Mobile Hairdresser
Mobile Hairdressing
Mobile Home
Mobile Home Air Conditioning and Heating Service
Mobile Home Broker
Mobile Home Community
Mobile Home Dealer
Mobile Home Financing Company
Mobile Home Leasing Service
Mobile Home Park
Mobile Home Renting Service
Mobile Home Repair Service
Mobile Home Transporting Service
Mobile Internet
Mobile Marketing
Mobile Mechanic
Mobile Office Unit Company
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Repair Service
Mobile Phone Retail
Mobile Phone Retailer
Mobile Phone Shop
Mobile Phone Store
Mobile Spray Tanning
Mobile Takeaway
Mobile Tanning
Mobile Telephone Store
Mobile Tire Replacement
Mobile Tyre Replacement
Mobile Ultrasound Service
Mobile Vehicle Repair Service
Mobile Window Tinting Service
Mobility Aids Supplier
Model Agency
Model Maker
Model Retail
Model Shop
Model Store
Model Train Shop
Modeling Agency
Modeling School
Modular Building Company
Modular Home Building Company
Modular Office Company
Mold Assessment Service
Mold Consulting Service
Mold Remediation Service
Mold Testing Service
Molding Service
Mollusk Farm
Money Exchange
Money Lending Service
Money Order Service
Money Transfer Service
Mongolian Wrestling Martial Arts School
Monogram Service
Monogramming Service
Monument Company
Mop Service
Moped Rental
Moped Rental Shop
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Company
Mortgage Consultant
Mortuary Service
Mosquito Control Service
Motivational Speaker
Motor Repair Service
Motor Scooter
Motor Scooter Leasing Service
Motor Scooter Parts Store
Motor Scooter Rental Service
Motor Scooter Store
Motorcycle and Parts Dealer
Motorcycle Clothing Retail
Motorcycle Clothing Shop
Motorcycle Clothing Store
Motorcycle Customizing Shop
Motorcycle Instructor
Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance Agency
Motorcycle Leasing Service
Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair
Motorcycle Part
Motorcycle Parts Store
Motorcycle Rental Service
Motorcycle Retail
Motorcycle Sales Repair and Service
Motorcycle Shop
Motorcycle Storage Facility
Motorcycle Store
Motorcycle Tours
Motorcycle Training
Motorcycle Transporting Service
Mountain Bike Parts Maker
Mounting Service
Movie House
Movie Theater
Movie Theatre
Moving Company
Moving Equipment and Supply Store
Moving Equipment Rental Service
Mower Service
Mowing Service
Muay Thai Martial Arts School
Muffler Shop
Mulch Service
Mulch Wholesaler
Multi Sport Complex
Multi Sports Complex
Multi Temp Warehouse
Multi-channel Marketing Database Service
Multilevel Marketing Service
Multimedia Production
Multimedia Service
Mural Artist
Mural Service
Museum Non Profit
Museum Store
Mushroom Growing
Music Arranger
Music Background and Foreground Service
Music Band Promotion Company
Music CD/ DVD Store
Music Composer
Music Festival
Music Live Service
Music Management
Music Promoter
Music Publishing
Music Record Producer
Music Retail
Music School
Music Shop
Music Store
Music Teacher
Music Theater
Music Theatre
Music Tutor
Musical Instrument
Musical Instrument Rental Store
Musical Instrument Repair Shop
Mutual Fund Company
Mutual Fund Service
Myofunctional Therapist
Mystery Shopping Service

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