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Adult Day Car Executive Summary Example

<Company Name> Adult Day Care is a start-up facility that will offer all-day care for adults. <Company Name> Adult Day Care caters for full or part time care according to the patients’ needs.

<Company Name> Adult Day Care offers community-based group programs designed to meet the needs of functionally and / or cognitively impaired adults through an individual plan of care. These structured, comprehensive programs provide a variety of health, social, and other related support services in a protective setting during any part of a day, but less than 24-hour care.

<Company Name> Adult Day Care will generally operate programs during normal business hours five days a week but we will be reviewing the possibility of offering some services in the evenings and on weekends.

<Company Name> Adult Day Care will offer social interaction in a safe environment but also provide medical care, therapy and socialization.

The inclusion of "health" in this type of day care center indicates that we provide elements of health care, and are not just a model for socialization and baby-sitting of seniors. We will be licensed to provide health and medical-related care, similar to what might be provided by a state licensed assisted living community or by a state licensed nursing home.

<Company Name> Adult Day Care will have available on site, psychological evaluations, licensed social workers, administration of medications, assistance with bathing and hair washing, dressing of wounds and assistance with feeding.

It was the goal of management to build a positive reputation of a safe and secure establishment.

<Company Name> Adult Day Care will offer you a safe, secure and friendly environment.

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